Consultancy and Advisory

A highly accomplished free advisory and consultancy, complemented with many years of corporate experience specifically in the area of:
Banking inclusive of UCP 600,
Shipping Documentation,
Customs regulation,
Carriers (Air and Ocean)
and relevant shipping and freight forwarding industry issues.
A proven, experienced team and effective global approach: Who will be able to respond quickly and accurately to evolving securities laws and regulations. (make sure to provide full information with supporting)
Thorough knowledge of agreements, hedging and other financial instruments. Ability to draft and negotiate in many areas of corporate business affairs.
A practical Knowledge to rectify issues of finance-related provisions for complex domestic and international business transactions, by negotiation of shipping documents including customs and carriers issues.
Ability to manage multiple teams and projects while maintaining a commitment to integrity.
E-mail us consultancy@cnwbusiness.com your basic issue and our related representative will reach you via e-mail or phone.
Let us be your free advisors!